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Crown Royal Salted Caramel


750 ML – Crown Royal Salted Caramel Flavored Whisky is a limited edition flavor, available only in the winter months to bring a little festive sweetness to your holiday season. A blend of the finest Canadian whiskies, carefully selected by our Master Blenders and infused with the subtly salty-sweet taste of indulgent salted caramels – imparting lush, creamy notes that perfectly compliment the richness of Crown Royal Whisky.

Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Pick - "The Tiebreaker"


750 ML -When we were picking out our perfect barrel at the distillery, our team was torn between two great choices. Melissa Rift, Bulleit’s Single Barrel Program Ambassador, was asked to pick a side, and The Tiebreaker was born. Cherry pie, graham cracker, and rich oak notes.

Maker's Mark 101


750 ML – This higher-proof version of Maker’s Mark was a distillery-only exclusive until this year. With an increase to 101 proof, Maker’s wheat-based mash recipe delivers a rich and  rounded flavor.

Hiatus Blanco Tequila


750 ML – Blanco: Flawlessly clear in the glass, our Blanco is bursting with aromas of roasted agave, fresh-cut grass, and tropical fruit. On the palate, it’s clean and complex with a luxurious mouthfeel, ideal for sipping neat or in a craft cocktail.

Hiatus Respado


750 ML – Our Reposado is rested 6 months in recycled American whiskey barrels, giving it a pale straw hue. Caramelized agave, roasted red pepper, and cinnamon notes give way to hazelnut and vanilla. Silky with a touch of sweetness, enjoy it on its own or in a premium cocktail.

Hiatus Anejo


750 ML –  Aged for a full year in recycled American oak, our Añejo pours a lush honey color. It opens with tantalizing aromas of dried herbs and candied fruit followed by hints of baking spices, cocoa, and toasted oak. Sip it after dinner or try it in a rich dessert cocktail.

Benchmark Bourbon No. 8

Price starting at $10.99

750 ML & 1.75L – The nose bears caramel notes with a delicate stone-fruit backdrop. A robust and sturdy palate with some fine leather notes mingling with dry tobacco, a touch of oak and a hint of dried cherries. The finish is smooth and calming.

New Amsterdam Pink Whitney


50 ML – The Spittin’ Chiclets crew has taken over New Amsterdam® Vodka to create a spirit inspired by Ryan Whitney’s favorite drink: a mix of award-winning New Amsterdam® Vodka and refreshing pink lemonade. The result is an exceptionally smooth, great-tasting pink lemonade flavored vodka that’s “not a big deal.

Barefoot Blueberry Fruitscato


750 ML – Bursting with all the flavors of juicy, vibrant blueberries, Barefoot Blueberry Fruitscato makes every day just a little bit sweeter. This scrumptious blend of red wine and natural flavors is a perfect pairing for fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate brownies.

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